Special Travel Experiences in Fiji

Fiji is a very special vacation destination full of interesting, fun and adventurous activities that the definition of special travel experiences would vary by person.  Some tourists could find the snorkeling or scuba diving in the turquoise waters of Fiji beaches as special travel experiences.  Others could find a visit to the beer island or even the Castaway island as special travel experiences.  However, there are some special travel experiences that are truly unique to Fiji, that are captured below for you.  Adding this list of special travel experiences to your itinerary could truly make your trip unique and epic!

White water rafting in upper Navua river

Upper Navua river flows through the chasm in the interior rain forests of Nadi.  In summer, with over 73 water falls feeding water into the river, the path is perfect for rapids river rafting, bathing in water falls and swimming in calm waters in some parts of the river.  The physical fitness requirements for this adventure are minimal.  The walkway to get to the starting point of upper Navua river does involve a lot of up and down steps.  Learn all about the preparation required for this adventure and plan to include this fun experience in your Fiji vacation.

Life of tribes and ethnic groups in Fiji

The villages of Fiji are occupied by the tribal people.  The tribes of Fiji are heavily dependent on farming and the upper Navua river is a major source of water for growing their farms.  The villagers also hunt in the forest areas around the Navua river and use the river to get back to their villages.  Kava is a common drink used to reduce anxiety.  The drink is consumed by young children and older people, albeit in different quantities.  Learn all about these exciting aspects, their tradition, culture, ways to win a woman's heart and more in this post.

Off-road safari to Fiji's Naihehe Caves

An off-road safari through the tribal villages throws light on the living conditions, culture, traditions and lives of the tribes.  The safari leads to Naihehe caves, a place of significance for tribal people as these caves were used to protect their people from other tribes.  The safari also provides an opportunity to explore the rituals of the tribal people in welcoming a new member into their village.  The safari ends with a live demo of the preparation of Kava, the native drink of the tribes.  Read to know all about the amazing experience of visiting these caves in Fiji.