Exotic Islands of Fiji

Fiji, a country comprised of 333 islands offers something for every type of traveler.  The pristine waters with colorful fishes and coral reefs are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.  The endless beaches in Fiji capture everyone's imagination.  The tribal villages in Fiji offer rich cultural insights.  Make Fiji your next destination for a memorable vacation.

Travel Itinerary

Plan your perfect Fijian vacation with a wide range of activities like white-water rafting, island crawling, and top native attractions like caves and tribal villages.

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Travel Arrangements

Find out the convenient flight options to fly in to Fiji, top resorts that suit your expectations, and the best commute options to around the island.

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Special Travel Experiences

Fancy a visit to a village to learn about tribal culture? Or a visit to an ex-cannibal cave?  How about a day of white water river rafting in a serene river? Fiji's got it all!

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White water rafting in upper Navua river

White water river rafting in pristine water of upper Navua river is one of the most fun things to do in Fiji.  The path is filled with about 73 water falls in summer.  With partial swimming, rafting and bathing in water falls along the way, this experience is not to be missed in Fiji.

Life of tribes and ethnic groups in Fiji

Fiji is culturally rich with traditions of tribal and ethnic groups in the villages.  Read all about the enchanting stories of the wonderful people from these groups on how they run their day to day life, the role of the river in farming and their ways to win a woman's heart.

Off-road safari to Fiji's Naihehe Caves

A deeper look into Fiji's tribal culture is possible with an off-road safari to Fiji's Naihehe caves.  Read about the role that the caves played in the lives of the tribal people, their rituals to welcome a new member and their transformation by adopting Christianity in the 1900s.

Travel guide of Fiji tourist transport 

Fiji is a unique travel destination when thinking about transport options.  Unlike a visit to most other countries, you neither have to depend on public transportation nor have to think about renting a car.  Read all about the unique transportation options in this beautiful country.