Special Travel Experiences

One or more special travel experiences are exactly what is required to make vacations memorable.  Certain tourist locations tend to offer those unique experiences that we tend to remember for a lifetime and feel very excited to relive the memories with our friends and family in many different occasions.  In this section, you will get to know about a few of those special travel experiences from these countries.  If you like to learn about the deeper culture elements of your target destination, are willing to take the road less traveled to gather those unique experiences or have an inclination to capture unique moments, it is highly recommended that include these experiences when you plan your travel itineraries.


Go on a fantastic white water river rafting trip down the quiet waters of upper Navua river, plan an off-road safari through tribal villages to Naihehe caves or explore the culture and traditions of the tribal people in Fijian villages.

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Learn all about how you can be part of an incredibly special sporting event that happens only once every two years at the very top of Europe about 11,330 ft above sea level, or how you can have a life-changing experience by attending a meeting in the United Nations in Geneva.

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Best of Special Travel Experiences

Jungfrau Sports Event During Swiss Vacation

Jungfrau, the top of Europe at 11,333 ft above sea level, hosts a special sports event once every two years.  Read about Raven's experience of attending the basketball event and the opportunity to meet four-time NBA champion Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs at the top of Europe.

White water rafting in upper Navua river

Upper Navua river, with its pristine waters offers a perfect destination for white water river rafting.  With about 73 water falls in summer, the path offers a perfect combination of bathing in water falls, swimming in serene waters and rafting along the way.  Plan to participate in this experience in Fiji.

Guided Tour of United Nations, Geneva

A guided tour of the United Nations offers a glimpse of the rooms in which meetings of global significance have taken place.  The tour provides an opportunity to explore amazing works of art and architecture displayed inside the United Nations buildings.

Off-road safari to Fiji's Naihehe Caves

An off-road safari to Fiji's Naihehe caves offers a deeper look into Fiji's tribal culture.  These caves played a major role in protecting the lives of the tribal people from other tribes.  Learn all about how they used various parts of the caves to protect their tribes from other tribes in the region.