Hi Fellow World Traveler,

You are probably in this "About YoRaven" page to learn more about the person  and their motivations behind this travel blog.  I am Raven Hann, a travel blogger based out of San Francisco.  So far, I have visited a lot of countries across all seven continents - North America, Australia/Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Antarctica (Yes, Antarctica!!!).

I discovered my passion for travel at a very young age.  Every time my parents took me to a new travel destination when I was a kid, I used to feel incredibly excited.  I loved sitting by the window of a car, bus or train and gawking at everything along the roadside - the trees, shops, lush green fields, varieties of houses, different kinds of people.  However, I had never traveled outside my home land to foreign countries until the age of 21. Over the years, as I worked at corporate jobs that let me take care of my bills, I saved small amounts of money and learned to travel on a shoestring budget to amazing locations around the world.

Why did I suddenly choose to become a travel blogger?  Three main reasons:

1. I do a lot of research before traveling to locations that I have learned to put together good itineraries that provide me a well-rounded experience in my target destinations.  I have shared these itineraries with you. For those of you who look for an experience that combines adventure, environmental and cultural aspects, my itineraries could be a good starting point.  

2. I have read a lot of wonderful travel blogs and benefited from them. I realized that I have come up with my own little travel hacks over the years that helped save money, time and energy during my trips.  I have shared every one of them in my blogs to help others benefit from these hacks.

3. As the caption to my blog says, I like to take the road less traveled.  Why? These roads often provide the richest cultural experience. I had the privilege to be part of some very exciting experiences and gathered a few unique stories from around the world.  I chose to become a travel blogger because these stories are interesting and the rest of the world deserve to hear these stories.  I will guarantee you (my beloved reader) that I will bring a few unique stories from around the world to you.  These stories were shared with me by the residents of the country - true stories of pain, sorrow, suffering but also amazing stories of resilience, intelligence, familial values, cultural values and triumph of fellow human beings from around the world.

If you are a fellow world traveler, I intend to add value to your trips through my blog posts.  If you choose to read my blog posts just for fun, I intend to entertain you through stories from around the world.  If you are someone who is looking for cheat sheets and notes on international travel, I intend to share my complete itinerary so that you do not have to go through the discovery process from the beginning.  I would also like to share a few travel hacks that I learned over time so that you could avoid some of the mistakes that I made over the years. Ultimately, I would like to share stories, videos and pictures from exotic locations around the world, and hopefully persuade you to visit these locations.

Read on!  Enjoy! And please share my blog posts in your social media feed or other channels so that more readers could benefit from these posts!

For those of you who chose to subscribe to my blog, Thank you!  Danke! Vinaka!  Shukhriya!


Raven Hann
World Traveler, Photographer, Story Teller